Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1991 Paris(2)

Speaking of Paris, the Louvre Museum.


My friend and I visited the Louvre Museum for the first time the day after arriving in Paris and talked about the hugeness of the museum, saying, “We can't finish looking at all the exhibits in three days.” 

However, we couldn't taste the encounter with the famous masterpieces because we were just trying to chase a huge number of exhibits.


In such a situation, we stopped in one scene. 

There were 6-7 children aged 7-8 years old sitting on the floor of the museum in front of a single large portrait and drawing on their sketchbooks eagerly. Beside that, there was a woman in her 30s who watched these children carefully. Probably a teacher. 

It was an enviable scene that I would never see at a museum in Tokyo.


There are various ways of art education for children.

Like that scene, in front of the masterpiece in the museum, it would be a great educational method to let each child instantly draw and express the impression that they saw the painting.

At that time, I thought that I saw a deep aspect of art education for children in a country called France.