Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1991 London (5)

My friend and I headed to the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square. Established in 1824, most of the exhibitions at the museum were free of charge, even for overseas travelers like us, and showed generosity that was unthinkable in Japan.


Now, when we arrived at the museum, we asked the staff at the reception desk, “Which is the corner of the Impressionist work?” 

A 30-year-old male staff with a tired expression responded that “Japanese people are always impressionists”.


My guess was that the male staff was bored because most of the Japanese who visited the National Gallery in London asked, "Where are impressionist works on display?"




友人と私はトラファルガー広場に位置するナショナル・ギャラリー(National Gallery)に向かった。1824年に設立されたこの美術館の大半の展示の入館料は私たちのような海外旅行者も含めて無料で、日本では考えられない寛大さを示していた。