Change of protagonists (2)

On a hot day just brief rainy season has ended, I accepted my friend's request for lunch together in Ginza, followed a sunglasses selection at a department store during a bargain sale.

And when I stepped into the target sales area, I was surprised at the big crowd that I could not imagine as a department store where performance is expected to be stagnant.

For me, even if it is a famous brand of sunglasses, it is not cheap that the bargain price is over 20,000 yen.

Well, even if Japanese salaried workers receive the benefits of government requested wage increases, this bargain sale crowd is not normal.

Among those crowds, after the friend picked up sunglasses, the time required for the adjustment check and payment was over 20 minutes.

The fact that I saw the surroundings during the waiting time was that this bargain was targeting foreign tourists rather than Japanese guests.

By the way it is quite a while ago, several tours were planned for the French bargain period (Sold), aiming at the bargain sale of Paris' luxury department stores and brand shops, many Japanese people like luxury goods brought forward It is.

The era advances while changing the lead role.