Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1990 Bangkok (2)

We ate the first night of Bangkok at a Thai court fee restaurant that exists like a hideout in the downtown area . 

The restaurant was introduced in the food company's public relations magazine that arrived at the company I was working at the time, and with the permission of my superior, I brought it to a trip and we managed to arrive at the destination It was.


The restaurant was set on a large street in a quiet, high-end residential area, with no prominent signboards, as if it were a private residence. 

Although we did not make reservations, we were welcomed by the staff, were fascinated by the wonderfulness of the luxury furniture and fixtures, and we were impressed with the kind of Thai court food, and carefully enjoyed the dishes served one after another I was able to taste it.


A meal is over, and when I look around again, the figure of a wealthy mature male with a young Oriental woman who seems not to be a wife, or a wealthy western mature male with a young beautiful local man I noticed that this restaurant is known as a hiding place for a hidden couple.











Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1990 Bangkok (1)

My friend and I went on a trip to Bangkok on June 23, 1990 with a plan of 4 days and 3 nights.


At that time, Japan was in the midst of a bubble economy, and in the company I was working for, it was popular for female employees to make easy orders for Thai silk while traveling on Bangkok

The method was to order and pay on the day when they arrived in Bangkok, receive clothes at the store on the return day, Thai silk was affordable and washing machine ease of washing was a popular factor.


When we arrived in Bangkok, we left our luggage at a chain hotel near Silom Road and headed for an easy-order store with a guide map from a colleague at work. 

Then, from the fabric swatches and model swatches displayed in the store, I ordered three sleeveless blouses in different colors of navy blue, gold and beige, to be combined with the commuting suit.











Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1988 New York (5)

We aimed at a Japanese restaurant “Inagiku” in the basement of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, because beef was expensive in Japan at that time. If you ask for sukiyaki in the US in the dairy kingdom, you should eat plenty of beef. I thought I could do it.


Stepping into the lounge of the ultra-high-quality Waldorf Astoria Hotel, halfway between Park Avenue 49th and 50th Streets, we were fascinated by the luxurious interiors and furnishings. 

There was a solo piano jazz concert, where there were figures of people spending their luxury hours on the couch

And the spacious underground toilets were so colorful that we felt lost in the medieval court salon.


Now that we finished eating sukiyaki, we ordered additional rice and 1 raw egg to make a risotto using the leftovers in the pan. 

By the way, I was convinced that she was a Nikkei Nisei who grew up in the United States, because the woman in the kimono had a mysterious look.












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For the jazz live house "Blue Note" we went by bus to Washington Square and walked into the store with great expectations.

The first thing I noticed was that the Japanese occupied the expensive seats close to the musicians.

And, the inside of the store was awful, the audience was noisy, it was far from being able to concentrate and listen to live, moreover, the enthusiasm was not felt from the musicians, and as a result it was disappointing.

Speaking of which, there was a reputation that "Tokyo is the first place to listen to jazz performances" at that time. In other words, Japanese jazz fans' ears are the most sophisticated in the world, and the performer naturally gets hot when it comes to an audience with a high level.

By the way, I went to Blue Note Tokyo, which opened in Aoyama, Tokyo several months after returning from this trip, with my friends who traveled this trip several times.

The musicians were David Sanborn, Joe Pass, and Jim Hall, but at all times the musicians and the audience were very good, creating an atmosphere of intimacy.

It is noteworthy that the in-store interior and food and drink menu were much more sophisticated than the New York store.

There is no way to go to New York to listen to jazz, paying high travel costs.





ジャズ・ライブ・ハウス「Blue Note」へは、私達はワシントン・スクエアまでバスで向かい、大きな期待と共に店内に足を踏み入れた。





そういえば、あの頃 「ジャズ演奏を聴くのは東京が一番」という世評があった。つまり、世界の中でも日本人のジャズ・ファンの耳が一番洗練されていて、演奏する側もレベルが高い聴衆を前にすると自然に演奏に熱が入る。


因みに、この旅行から帰国した数ヶ月後に東京青山に開店した「Blue Note Tokyo」に、この旅行を共にした友人と数回足を運んだ。 





Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1988 New York (3)

The second New York Stock Exchange Findings, which was the aftermath of Black Monday in October 1987 last year, is a big difference from the last time it was the 1986 energy days, and it saw a less lively deal.


Black Monday is a global stock market crash that started in Hong Kong on October 19, 1987 (Monday), especially the closing price of the Dow 30s on the New York Stock Exchange dropped by $ 508 from the previous weekend. 

And the 22.6% drop on Black Monday outweighed the 12.9% drop on Black-Thursday in 1929, which triggered the Great Depression. 

The stock price crash on the Black Monday New York Stock Exchange chained to the Asian market the next day, and the Nikkei average stock price in Japan dropped by ¥ 3836.48 (down 14.90%) to ¥ 21,910, a record high. In the European market, there was a rush of institutional investors' selling orders and a simultaneous drop in global stock prices, which greatly damaged the Commonwealth of the United Kingdom.


By the way, I watched the movie "WALL STREET" for a while after returning home, but this film depicts a ruthless and greedy investor building a bubble economy, and the leading role, Gordon Gekko, It was very impressive that Michael Douglas, who played, talked over 10 minutes hotly on the theme of “Greed is good”.










ところで、帰国後暫くして映画「WALL STREET」を観たのだが、この映画は、冷酷、かつ貪欲な投資家が営々とバブル経済を築く様が描かれており、主役・ゴードン・ゲッコーを演じるマイケル・ダグラスが「Greed is good」をテーマに10分以上に亘って熱っぽく語った場面はとても印象的だった。

Diary in Google Translate Retrospect 1988 New York (2)

The next three musicals we saw on the day's half-price ticket section of Times Square this time in New York.


"CHESS" was drawn on the stage of a luxury hotel in Bangkok during the East-West Cold War, depicting love created between the western men who participated in the World Chess Championship match and the lovers of the eastern players. 

I did not understand the rules of chess at all and I could hardly understand the contents of the songs and dances of the actors, but "One Night in Bangkok", which was popular in Japan at that time, is the theme song of this musical It is impressive to know for the first time ever.


We decided to look at "THE GOSPEL AT COLONUS" because we like gospel, but when we entered the theater, the majority of the audience was Afro American, and they were overwhelmed by the heat and power they emanate.

Also, the story was easy to understand for us, and the gospel songs that were sung one after another were also very beautiful and harmonious. 

It should be noted that Morgan Freeman, who played the leading role, showed an overwhelming presence with the momentum moving up the stairs of the world star.




"Cabaret" was set in Berlin's cabaret when the Nazis rose, and people's distress was well depicted in dark tones. In addition, I was able to know the situation of Berlin's entertainment world in those days.







私はチェスのルールが全く分からない事もあって、俳優達の歌や踊りの内容は殆ど理解できなかったが、あの頃日本でも大流行した「One Night in Bangkok」がこのミュージカルの主題歌だったのかと初めて知った事で印象に残っている。


「THE GOSPEL AT COLONUS」は私達がゴスペル好きなので見る事にしたのだが、劇場に入ってみて観客の大半がアフロアメリカンで、彼らが発散する熱気と迫力に圧倒された。 








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A trip to New York for 5 nights using GW vacation in 1988 also enjoyed the same friends as last time. This time the hotel was an elegant "Wellington Hotel" convenient to Broadway.


What we decided prior to this trip is

The first thing was to take a walk around Manhattan. The previous travel experience showed that the bus was operating to every corner of the city, so if we had a map, we knew that Manhattan could act freely.


Furthermore, it was to enjoy jazz live with Blue Note, get a half price ticket of the day at the ticket section of Times Square and watch some musicals, and to visit the New York Stock Exchange again.


When we arrived at the hotel in the morning, we stored our luggage in the room and got a "City Guide" from the lobby stand and lined up on the day's half-price ticket counter in Times Square.