Retrospect 1979 San Francisco (1)

Accommodation in San Francisco I chose "Hotel · California" same as the title of my favorite Eagles song from the guide book.

Because this hotel does not have a star, the price is cheap, it is convenient place of transportation in downtown, and it served as a great start as a tourist place around here and there.

In addition, the scent and taste of Hash / Brown potato served at a typical American diner that was attached to the hotel became unforgettable.

I tried reproducing that taste and flavor by myself after returning home but never succeeded.

In the diner, the chair was arranged so as to surround the U-shaped counter incorporating the hot plate, and inside the counter, a shortcut woman who seemed to be in her early 30's was doing everything wonderfully with an apron.

As I saw the customer, most of the business people stopped by breakfast on the way to commuting, they spend their time in the morning with toast, ham, eggs, coffee, etc. along with the newspaper, heading to the workplace.

I was also an office worker at the time and had a similar morning time so it seemed like that atmosphere.

追想 1979 サンフランシスコ(1)