Children who are drawing a picture on the floor of the museum

Friends and I visited the Louvre museum for the first time in the Golden Week in 1991 and talked to the unexpected huge "I can not see all of them even after three days at this."

Nonetheless, since we are not familiar with the numerous religious paintings unique to the Western-style museums, we passed quickly and we were unable to taste masterpieces thoroughly because there were too many exhibits.

And, in a certain scene, we inadvertently stopped.
There were six to seven children who seemed to be an elementary school lower grade before one big portrait became bellyy on the floor and was drawing enthusiastically in a small sketchbook. Beside that there was a middle-aged woman who seemed to be a teacher watching them slowly.

It was an enviable sight.
There are various ways of art education for children.
Like that scene, it is a wonderful way to instantly express the impression that each one felt in front of masterpieces of the museum in a picture.

I thought that I saw an aspect of art education for children in the country of France at that time.