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Isetan and Mitsukoshi, major Japanese department stores, entered the central city of London in 1991 where I visited. 

In Mitsukoshi, where my friends and I visited several times, there were more Japanese tourists than London customers.


At that time, Japanese overseas travel was very popular, and the West Coast of the United States, New York, Paris, London and Florence were popular courses for pack travel. 

The main purpose of overseas trips by Japanese people at that time was tourism and brand shops, and those who could speak English could shop smoothly at local brand shops. 

However, for Japanese tourists who do not speak English, it was safer to buy branded goods from a familiar Japanese department store. 

I was also thankful for the presence of a Japanese department store displaying not only brand-name products but also various products known for their high quality made in the UK.


In my case, I bought an Aquascutum coat and scarf at the Regent Street store, but I bought a British cashmere sweater at Isetan, London for 10,000 yen. 

The cashmere sweater was useful because it didn't lose its shape, but it would have been impossible to buy a sweater of the same quality in Tokyo at that time for 10,000 yen.















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My friend and I headed to the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square. Established in 1824, most of the exhibitions at the museum were free of charge, even for overseas travelers like us, and showed generosity that was unthinkable in Japan.


Now, when we arrived at the museum, we asked the staff at the reception desk, “Which is the corner of the Impressionist work?” 

A 30-year-old male staff with a tired expression responded that “Japanese people are always impressionists”.


My guess was that the male staff was bored because most of the Japanese who visited the National Gallery in London asked, "Where are impressionist works on display?"




友人と私はトラファルガー広場に位置するナショナル・ギャラリー(National Gallery)に向かった。1824年に設立されたこの美術館の大半の展示の入館料は私たちのような海外旅行者も含めて無料で、日本では考えられない寛大さを示していた。








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At the end of 1989, when the Nikkei average stock price was 38,915 yen and the market capitalization of shares listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange was 590 trillion yen, becoming the world 1st, the Japanese government at that time announced the following concept.

“Establish a financial district comparable to Wall Street and the City in Otemachi, where there are many major financial institutions including foreign capital.”


At that time, Otemachi, where I was commuting, had a remarkable advance in foreign financial institutions, and it was not uncommon for blonde and blue-eyed businessmen to appear in commuter trains, lunchtime, and evening restaurants. They quickly disappeared from Otemachi as the bubble burst.


Now, my friend and I have changed the subway many times and arrived at the City, once the Japanese government modeled a financial district. 

However, we had to give up on the visit to the London Stock Exchange because of the impact of the bomb incident by the IRA (Ireland Republican) interim group in July of the previous year.


By the way, the City was independent of London, and the current British Prime Minister Boris Johnson once served as mayor for the second term. 

The photo is the city at the time.





外資を含む大手金融機関の多い大手町にウオール街やシティ(the City)に匹敵する金融街を形成する」




さて、私と友人は何度も地下鉄を乗変えて、かつて日本政府が金融街のお手本にしたシティ(the City)に到着した。 



因みに、シティ(the City)はロンドン市とは独立した存在で、現在の英国のボリス・ジョンソン首相はかつて市長を2期務めていた。 

写真は当時のシティ(the City)。


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One of the highlights of the trip was watching a musical, and we lined up with Soho's half-price ticket counter on the day, but after a while we realized that there were no tickets for the musical we wanted to see.


So we discussed whether we would watch a comedy or a Shakespeare play, but we concluded that it was difficult to understand each other's English ability. 

Then, a men's couple's ticket scalper came close to us. Apparently they were watching us from the beginning. 

They asked us to buy the 4th floor seat of the musical "The Phantom of the Opera" at a price four times the fixed price. 

By the way, the fixed price of the 4th floor seat is a quarter price of the 1st floor S seat and there are many students and workers in jeans.


We firmly refused to buy tickets at such a high price, it was too stupid, but they said that the tickets for the musical "The Phantom of the Opera" will be sold out and not easily available. 

So we talked, "It's expensive to pay for the trip to London again to see the Phantom of the Opera," or "I don't know when it will come to London next time." 

And we decided to buy them at their asking price, but half of the predictions of the conversation at that time were right.

The reason is that my friend who got married two years later doesn't come to London again, and 10 years later, I saw the musical "The Phantom of the Opera" in the S seat just above the orchestra box It is.


At that time the musical “The Phantom of the Opera”, which I saw on the 4th floor, was better than any of the musicals I had ever seen, despite the price four times the fixed price.






すると、男性二人組のダフ屋(ticket scalper)が私達を目指して近寄ってきた。どうやら彼らは初めから私たちに目をつけていたようだ。











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On the second day of my stay in London, my friend and I took a train at Waterloo Station and headed for Windsor Castle.


When we exit the station ticket gate, people who got small flags and cameras gather and wait for something. And when I turned to the broad street facing the station, I saw various flags that designed the emblem on various places along the long road. 

Apparently, we saw a chance to meet the Queen's Majesty's Chariot Parade, we also wait for 20 minutes to join the group of people, Her Majesty's chariot guarded back and forth by the black car to the castle


We walked a long slope after the parade and arrived in front of the castle gate where we joined a long line of tourists who arrived from various directions and waited for security checks, NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation: NIPPON HOSO KYOKAI) The car with the flag of the flag disappeared at a great speed deep inside the castle gate.

I looked at the car while thinking with jealousy.












パレードの後に長い坂道を歩いて城門前に辿り着いた私達はそこで多方面から到着した観光客の長蛇の列に加わって警備のチェックを待っていると、NHK(Japan Broadcasting Corporation:NIPPON HOSO KYOKAI)の旗を靡かせた車が凄いスピードで城門の奥深くに消えて行った。 



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The first time I went to London was at the end of April 1991, when the British Prime Minister replaced Margaret Thatcher with a young Tony Blair.


At that time, with a friend who traveled to New York, with a trip of 3 nights in London and 3 nights in Paris, we were planning to go shopping, visiting Castle Windsor, watching musicals, and leisurely walking in the city of London. 

Since the hotel was a quiet place in Regent Park, we took a walk in the large garden full of colorful flowers before breakfast every day to enjoy a luxurious moment.


Also, when I got off at Baker Street Station on the underground from London's downtown to the hotel at night, I imagined "Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson on a horse-drawn carriage in the foggy Baker District illuminated by gas lights." Nostalgic. 

Oh yeah, I wanted to stop at the sandwich cafe "Subway" adjacent to the underground Baker Street Station once.






その時もNew York旅行を共にした友人と一緒で、London3泊、Paris3泊の旅程で、私達はLondonではショッピング、ウインザー城見学、ミュージカル観賞、そして気ままに街を歩く事を予定していた。 



また、ロンドン中心街からホテルに向かう地下鉄のベーカーストリート駅を夜下車した時、私が「ガス灯に照らされた霧のベーカー街を駈ける馬車に乗ったSherlock HolmesとWatson博士」をイメージしたのも懐かしい。 



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Jim Thompson House, main attraction of this trip, was not so far from Holiday Inn I stayed, so we decided to ride Samlow. 

Samlow, a convenient means of transportation in Bangkok at that time, was similar to a three-wheeled bicycle, and it was attractive to be able to go to the destination while gazing at the surrounding streets.


By the way, Jim Thompson House, who was the king of Thai Silk and was one of the world's leading collectors of ancient artworks in Southeast Asia, is a magnificent building that has been remodeled from an old Thai traditional style house using teak wood on a vast site. It was an art work. 

Having stepped into the mansion, we were able to admire Oriental silk products and valuable Southeast Asian art works while feeling the refreshing breeze passing from the green grove to the teak building.


And I bought two Ascot tie of Thai silk with a unique color and pattern that are largely different from the Western brand that I already own, and also cushion covers for two colleagues who introduced the Thai silk easy order store I bought. 

Among business people in Tokyo at the time, Ascot tie such as Burberry and Aquascutum were in vogue.










そして私は既に所有している欧米系ブランドとは大きく異なる独特な色と柄のタイシルクのAscot tieを二本買い、さらにタイシルクのイージーオーダー店を紹介してくれた二人の同僚用にクッションカバーを買った。 

当時の東京のビジネスパーソンの間では、BurberryAquascutumなどのAscot tieが流行していたのだ。